Key Features

I know how intimidating diving into sewing a quilted coat can be, which is why I've snuck in lots of fun features to help you have a successful quilty adventure!

  • Help to determine what size coat to make.

  • Pre-preparation is key! I share tips on how to pre-wash your fabric and the notions you'll need to tackle this project!

  • Every step is covered so you know exactly how things should look at each step of the coat making adventure!

  • Learn how to baste and machine quilt your coat panels , plus an added step I do to keep things from shifting and unraveling!

  • Scared about sewing your arms? No need, I cover this step in detail so you can see how easy it is!

  • Add fun details with big-stitch hand quilted bias binding!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Your Checklist to Quilty Success!

    3. Etched Diamond Quilt x Hovea Coat Pattern Extension (PDF)

    4. What Size to Make?

    5. How to Take Your Measurements

    6. How Much Fabric Do I Need?

    7. Let's Talk Fabric & Batting

    8. Fabric Picking Analysis Download

    9. Materials and Notions

    10. How to Pre-Wash Your Fabric

    11. Fabric Pressing

    12. Fabric Cutting

    1. Piecing HST

    2. Cutting HST

    3. Pressing HST

    4. Trimming HST - Specialty Ruler

    5. Trimming HST - Regular Ruler

    6. HST - see it in action!

    1. Pocket Patchwork Piecing

    2. Mirrored Pocket Patchwork Piecing (optional)

    3. Tips for Sharp HST Points

    4. Pocket Borders

    1. Block 1

    2. Block 1 Alternate Pressing Directions

    3. Piecing Coat Back

    1. Basting Pockets

    2. Basting Coat Back

    3. Cutting Out Batting

    4. Basting Front Panels

    5. Basting Arms

    1. Quilting Thread

    2. Quilting Coat Back & Pockets

    3. How to Use a Guide Bar

    4. Mistakes happen! How to unpick your stitches!

    5. How to Bury Threads

    6. Quilting Front Coat Panels

    7. Quilting Arms

About this course

  • $129.99
  • 58 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Wrap yourself in the comfort of a handmade quilted coat, starting today

Bonus material

Here are some fun add-ons included in your course!

  • Checklist to Quilty Success!

    Use the digitally interactive Checklist to Quilty Success to stay focused and on track!

  • Fabric Analysis Worksheet

    Picking fabric can be the best of times or the worst of times! To help you select fabrics that you'll love, use the worksheet to guide you to the right fabric pull!


Shannon Fraser

Shannon Fraser is a modern fiber artist based in Montreal, Canada. Having discounted quilting as something she’d be interested in, Shannon’s now on a mission to spread the joy to be had through the art of quilting. An award-winning quilter who's known for her love of colour and bold graphic designs. You can find free tutorials, inspirational projects, and loads of resources to help you succeed in your quilting journey on


  • How long will I have access to the lessons?

    The lessons will be available for the lifetime that I am offering this course!

  • Are the patterns included in the cost of the course?

    The Hovea or Hovea Curves patterns are NOT included in the cost of your course and can be purchased directly from Megan Nielsen Patterns. The Etched Diamond Quilt x Hovea Coat Pattern Extension IS included in the course price.

  • Why is the Hovea Coat Pattern not included in the course price?

    To avoid confusion since the Hovea coat is designed by Megan Nielsen Patterns and comes in two different size options and in both PDF or printed, it was best to keep that a separate piece so you know which size/format would be best for you!

  • What currency is the Quilted Coat course in?

    The price for the Quilted Coat course is in USD funds and includes taxes.

  • Do I need to have sewing/quilting experience?

    I assume that you have basic sewing knowledge (i.e., you know how to use a sewing machine), but I walk you through every step of the piecing journey so even if you've never quilted or sewn a garment you'll be able to tackle this project.

  • Do the lessons cover matching print lining?

    Not at this time. To help keep things focused on the patchwork and piecing of your coat, this course does not cover how to match your print lining.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Due to the nature of the course being digital, there are no refunds available at this time. Check out the free preview Welcome video to be sure this course is a good fit for you before you decide to purchase!

Wrap Yourself in Quilted Comfort

Nothing beats wrapping yourself in the comfort of your own me-made quilted coat. Let me guide you in making your own today!

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5 star rating

Shannon Rocked this Course

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

I have never combined quilting with pattern-piecing a garment before and Shannon’s course absolutely took the fear away for me. This is the loveliest coat and can be personalized for a unique gift in a favorite color, something I’m making for my d...

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I have never combined quilting with pattern-piecing a garment before and Shannon’s course absolutely took the fear away for me. This is the loveliest coat and can be personalized for a unique gift in a favorite color, something I’m making for my daughter in law….and of course I have to make myself one too! I have just finished watching the entire tutorial once through and will re-watch it as I cut through the fabric and begin the making. I never felt like I was in the dark on any portion of this and I am so appreciative to Shannon for guiding us on this journey. I can see incorporating other designs for future coats and won’t be afraid to do so. Great videos, great value. We quilters buy soooooo much stuff, so much fabric. It’s so valuable to have someone sit with you and guide you through an unknown process! Thanks so very much!!

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5 star rating

Very easy to understand

Manon D'Amours

5 star rating

great work


It is a beautiful pattern and design

It is a beautiful pattern and design

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